The All Lanes Guide – Discretion

At All Lanes we believe that everything is sensitive and should be kept as such. We operate based on the utmost discretionary manners and advise our clients on sensitive situations in order to avoid any future unnecessary problems. Before serving a court order, we always brief our clients on the necessity to remain professional at […]

The All Lanes Guide – Why can’t I serve the documents myself?

Often it feels like an unnecessary expense to hire a Process Server, because the task feels like something that you can do on your own.  It does not seem that hard to find the person that you are serving and to hand them the documents in question. However, to ensure that all documents are served […]

Tips on serving a company with a statutory demand

Are you owed money by a company? One of the most effective ways of recovering your money is by serving them with a statutory demand. Here are some tips on serving a company with a statutory demand. Face-to-Face Approach A process server will actually attend the listed address of the company that owes the debt […]

What types of papers do process servers serve?

Many individuals are ill-informed about the role of process servers. This is not so surprising. Although process servers are a fundamental cog in the legal system, a lot of people won’t have had the need to hire one, so when you do, it can be enlightening to realise just how many types of legal documents […]

The All Lanes Guide – How to tell if your process server is a fake

For any clever criminal, impersonating a process server is relatively easy, especially when they suggest that they are connect to the judicial system or to law enforcement.  If their target does not know the law, they will be at risk of losing their money, identity and personal security. Here are 5 things that imitation process […]

The All Lanes Guide – Things to Ask Your Process Server

Any legal matters can be a source of stress, but the right process server can help to make your life a lot easier. A process server makes sure that legal paperwork is served to the correct person in a given court case, thereby playing an important role in the success of your case. Here are […]

The All Lanes Guide – Advisory Services

There are instances that the situation are beyond the customer’s control, which is where the team at All Lanes can advise you. We have the ability to advise you in respect of following rigorous and time-sensitive court procedure, in ways that might not be obvious to the client. One example is when a court strikes […]

Something to ask your process server: Do you follow legal methods?

A process server sometimes has to get crafty to find someone who is evading them, but they should always use legal methods to track down a defendant. If legal tools and methods are ignored, then the process server will get themselves and their customer into trouble, as these methods won’t always hold up in court. […]