Due to the threat to individuals’ goods and services as well as unfair practices in the marketplace, the consumer protection act was enacted. Consumer protection is basically the practice of safeguarding buyers of goods and services, and the public, against illegal practices. Hence, there is need to discuss the importance of this type of right. […]


All human beings have their rights, but they differ due to their geographical location. The most ironic thing is that most people are not aware they possess some types or right and they do not take it as important. Today, we will be discussing about the importance of intellectual property right. Basically, intellectual property rights […]


A bank recovery process is a procedure involving the bank seizing the properties of a customer who has failed to repay a loan made. With this process, a bank begins a debt recovery system when it seeks money it is owed. Although, a bank takes recovery for a lot of reasons in a lot of […]

The All Lanes Guide – Investigations and tracing services

At All Lanes we not only offer process serving services, but parallel to this, we also offer tracing and investigation services. The services are also stand-alone services should our customers require them. These services are highly sophisticated and done professionally and within legal jurisdictions. Our investigations services complement the process serving services that we offer. […]

The All Lanes Guide – When should I use a witness summons?

A witness may be content to attend court to give evidence, but it is likely for them to encounter complications in getting time off work. If served with a witness summons, their employer will need to give them time off work.  This is often why witnesses are offered a certain amount of money to appear […]

The All Lanes Guide – Witness Summons Explained

Summoning a witness to court Where a party in legal proceedings believes that a witness might not attend court of their own accord, they can apply for the issue of a witness summons.  A Witness summons is an order sent to an individual that tells them that they have a certain date to appear in […]

The Advantages of Using a Process Server Over the Court Bailiffs

A process server is a professional individual who delivers legal documents to another, giving them notice of court actions to a defendant, on behalf of a plaintiff. They also ensure that the delivery of the documents is successfully recorded. Process serving work with court orders including enforcements, eviction notices, debt claims, and judgments, and ensures […]

Serving Your Spouse

It is an unhappy fact that, in England and Wales, the average total divorce rate is 33.3%. This means that one in three marriages will fail and eventually lead to a divorce. It’s not an easy to choice to file for a divorce, and sometimes your spouse does not want to be cooperative.  Perhaps they […]

Process Serving in the UK

Service of Process is the practice by which a personal involved in a lawsuit gives an suitable notice of preliminary legal action to another party, like a defendant, court, administrative body or business in an exertion to exercise authority over that individual so as to allow that individual to reply to the proceeding before the court of […]

The All Lanes Guide – Can I be served at my place of employment?

No one wants to be served papers, and most documents that process servers delivers do not contain good news. Thankfully, the majority of people are served document at their places of residence rather than their place of employment, ensuring you some privacy in the matter. However, should an individual be hard to find at home, […]